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Large Model Railroad layout in HO scale


Central Florida Railroad Modelers - Best HO Model Train Club in Orlando! Central Florida Railroad Modelers was formed to bring together individuals for a common appreciation of model railroading in order to create and build both a model railroad and a model railroad environment not likely attainable by any individual, for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all members. Address: 2500 Silver Star Rd, Ste 1700 (95.16 mi) Orlando, Florida 32804 web: 🤍

REALISTIC OPERATIONS - NS Asheville District Layout in HO Scale


Welcome back to the layout! In this video we will look at operations centered around a specific location on the layout, rather than and individual train. Check out the great work and inventory my friends at Lombard's Hobbies have put into their store here: 🤍 As always, thanks for watching! Josh [Matthew 28:6]

S2022E39 25 ft of Additional Mainline! Model Train Layout in Action Ops & Realism Union Pacific RR


To purchase the Athearn Bathtub coal cars go to 🤍 FREE SHIPPING!!!! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Support this channel on Patreon 🤍 Follow along with the official track plan 🤍 Episode 39 of season 2022 on the new HO Scale Union Pacific Railroad Evanston Subdivision; an N scale inspired HO layout. The layout is being built by Daryl Kruse, an experience modeler with articles in many national model train publications. The UPRR Evanston Subdivision covers the original UP mainline from Green River, WY to Ogden, UT. The layout will be a great railfan layout, but will also include lots of yard operations, local switching and MOW activity. You may purchase items from the N scale layout at 🤍 This episode features 25 additional feet of upper level mainline. s2022e39



Awhile back I deconstructed my HO Scale layout and I haven't uploaded since. I finally have a plan and a new layout to start working on. Benchwork as you may notice is up and I didn't film that part since I thought it would be boring. Besides that Ill be showing everything I do on this build series step by step. Welcome and I hope you enjoy this new series! Edited with Adobe Premiere Music - YouTube Music Camera - Sony ZH1 #ModelTrains #HOScale #TrainLayout

HO Scale Derailments and Fails 13!


With some headaches thankfully behind me, we're rolling this one off at lucky number 13! Getting momentum back for filming has been a process, but as long as there's stuff to cover, chances are things will get sideways on this layout.

One of Germany’s most extraordinary HO Scale Model Railroad Layouts - 8k Video Ultra HD


In this video Pilentum Television presents a German model railway layout, which contains so many beautiful details that you can’t believe your eyes. Although the HO gauge model trains, especially the electric locomotives run with pantographs up, they fade into the background when you see the extraordinary beauty of the model railroad scenery. There are such beautiful buildings with incredibly detailed interiors for example the workshop for tractors, the locomotive shed, the old gas station or the farm that you think you are in a real world. But it’s just a miniature world built by a German manufactory for professional model railroading in 1/87 scale. The focus of this HO scale layout is a double-tracked, electrified main line with a branching local railroad. In terms of time, the miniature world is set in Era III on an area of about 380 cm x 270 cm. On the layout are mainly train sets in operation that were used by the German Federal Railways between the 1960’s and 1980’s. It goes without saying that the model trains have also been weathered perfectly. They look old, rusty and used. The main line is spanned by a large, rusted steel bridge, over which runs the branch line leading to the station. The station is located in the small village of Lindental. Therefore, the name of the entire model railway layout is also Lindental. Lindental is a fictional village in Bavaria. The village only exists in this miniature world. Steam trains arrive at the railway station and rail buses depart. Next to the station there is a freight loading station and a small locomotive shed for maintenance work. This locomotive shed is completely furnished - it’s amazing! The model railway layout was built for a customer who is a Märklin fan. Therefore, we unfortunately have to see the ugly three rail track. But Markus from Pilentum Television often made such camera slides that the tracks are not visible. Underneath the layout are four hidden fiddle yards where trains for the main line and branch line are parked. The entire rail network is controlled digitally via the PC software “Train Controller”. German manufactory of Lindental: 🤍 Pilentum Television 🤍

HO Scale UP Roseville to Warm Springs local Pt. 2 of 2


Departed Oakland after a 4 car p/u and going S. to Warm Springs where the train will be s/o and power put away on the Bay Area and Central Valley RR (BAC V RR).

Seaboard Central - October 2022 Layout Update


HO Scale Model Railroad Layout Update including prototype based operations

I am building an HO Scale Layout


Connect with me at ddrrcommunity🤍gmail.com Support the Channel on Patreon - 🤍 Amazon Store - 🤍 Etsy Store - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 TRAIN SETS N Scale Train Set - 🤍 HO Scale Train Set - 🤍 O Scale Train Set - 🤍 G Scale Train Set - 🤍 3D PRINTERS Elegoo Mars 2 - 🤍 Creality Ender 3 V2 - 🤍 CAMERA Sony ZV-E10 - 🤍 MICROPHONE Rode Wireless Go - 🤍 Rode Smart Lav - 🤍 LIGHTS Aputure Amaran 100D - 🤍 Aputure Amaran MC - 🤍 GVM 480LS 2 Light Kit - 🤍 MOTION CONTROL MOZA Aircross 2 Gimbal - 🤍 MOZA Slypod E - 🤍 Channel Merch - 🤍 Consider donating the PCOS Challenge to help women everywhere with PCOS 🤍 “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked. Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall; don’t be happy when they stumble. For the Lord will be displeased with you and will turn his anger away from them. Don’t fret because of evildoers; don’t envy the wicked.” Proverbs 24: 16-19 NLT

HO Scale & OO Scale: Differences Explained


Quick video explaining the differences between HO and OO scales. Featuring Hornby's OO scale Flying Scotsman train set and my first HO scale train set from Bachmann I received for my 7th Birthday in 2002. Footage and dialogue recorded with Panasonic 4K HC-VX981 video camera. Video edited in Premiere Pro - Hornby FLYING SCOTSMAN Train Set Review: 🤍 - HO Scale Model Railroad Layout: 🤍 - Christmas Village w/ Flying Scotsman train set: 🤍 Bachmann and Hornby Logos from Google Images

HO Scale Fails and Derailments Part 10!


Clocking out the 10th installment of something I never thought would go beyond a few videos! For what started as putting throw away clips to use, it's crazy to see how many people have tuned in! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to check these out! I'll likely keep messing with these as time and stuff acting up on camera allows!

HO Scale Derailment and Fails Part 1-5!


Fitting for the day, here's a requested longer edit of pt 1-5 on the fails reel for some foolin' around. I had a few comments asking for longer segments, so here's the first five in one place! Planning on leading up to the rest of the series, and 10th installment!

Building HO Train Layout - Ep 1 - Foundation & Track Plans!


This is episode 1 of a long serious where I build a 4 x 8 HO layout in my office. The plan is to make a realistic layout based on my home state of Colorado. To follow up on future episode, please subscribe to know when they pop up. Thank you and enjoy! Episode 2 here! - 🤍 Edited with Adobe Premiere Music - Dao Beats (🤍 Camera - iPhone #HOLayout #ModelRailroad #HOScale

Model trains in HO scale: Cab ride through the large miniature world of Modelspoorgroep Nienoord


In the north of the Netherlands, near the town of Leek, there is a beautiful model railway layout built by the Dutch model train club, called Modelspoorgroep Nienoord. The miniature world has been built in HO scale and has an area of more than 100 m². The HO scale layout depicts the Dutch landscape as well as the massive mountains of Switzerland and Austria. When the trains drive from the Netherlands to the Alps on this layout, they have to cross Germany. Therefore, the large main station, called “Wilhelmstad”, is located in the centre of the model railroad layout. In this cab ride video, we use Pilentum’s DJI Osmo Pocket camera installed inside the locomotive and discover the different landscapes, towns and villages that lie next to the railway lines. Modelspoorgroep Nienoord 🤍 Pilentum Television 🤍

Model trains in Russia - One of the most beautiful HO scale layouts - Макет Золотого кольца России


From Russia with love comes this magical model train layout, which is called “Show Model of the Golden Ring of Russia”, respectively “Макет Золотого кольца России“. This superb model railway exhibition is integrated in the fantastic model railroad museum that opened almost two years ago in the city of Yaroslavl, about 280 kilometres north of Moscow. On 300 square meters, the most famous buildings and sights of the cities of the so-called “Golden Ring of Russia” were modelled in HO scale. The Golden Ring of Russia unites old cities and ancient towns which preserve the memory of key events in Russian history. These towns feature unique monuments of Russian architecture, including kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals and churches. Finally, these towns are among the most picturesque in Russia. In the last two years, a wonderful miniature world in 1/87 scale has been created under strict secrecy and under the leadership of Andrei Nazarov. At its core, there is an over 80 square meter model train layout on which numerous Russian locomotives and trains run. As best as possible, the model makers have tried to recreate almost every major town in the Golden Ring of Russia and its prominent landmarks. Instead of bare wall surfaces or background wallpaper, magical-looking video projections are used to bring the model railway show to life. The nightly fireworks and the illumination of the buildings look incredibly beautiful during the cab ride that Pilentum Television presents in this video. In addition to the rolling stock, the popular miniature cars are also on the move on the layout. Currently, there are over 50 vehicles in operation. Furthermore, every other square inch of this miniature world is also full of stories and events from everyday life in Russia. Similar to the great “Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg, Germany, firefighters in Yaroslavl rush to a major fire, football fans celebrate in the stadium and tourists enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the slopes in Kostroma. While St. Michael’s Church is one of the attractions in Germany’s Miniature World, the Rostov Kremlin takes center stage in Russia’s Miniature World. The staff of the model railway museum is supported by four computers to control the rail traffic. In addition to a large control room, numerous video cameras exist in the staging yards and fiddle yards to monitor rail operations. A total of 5,163 inhabitants populate the train layout, experiencing the change from day to night every ten minutes. At night, more than 40,000 LEDs sparkle and transform the model world into a marvel of technology. The model railroad in Yaroslavl, Russia, is one of the most modern, innovative and beautiful exhibitions for model railroading and railway modelling in the world. *Show Model of the Golden Ring of Russia* 🤍 *Pilentum Television* 🤍

S3: E1: A new timber trestle build plus demo of the new Division Point HO Scale UP Coal Turbine!


In this video: - 4ft two track trestle build - Demo of Division Point HO Scale UP Coal Turbine #80 - RC's GrabBag: The usual closing of the video with a random topic Stuff used in this video: Sobo craft glue 🤍 Mini clamps 🤍 Magnets 🤍 Sheet metal for magnetic building board 🤍 Krylon Matte Coffee Bean spray paint 🤍 Acrylic Burnt Umber paint 🤍 Acrylic Raw Umber paint 🤍 Acrylic Burnt Sienna paint 🤍 Acrylic Neutral Gray 🤍 Fast Tracks 🤍

Modern 2022 Ho Scale Amtrak Trains Compilation! 4K


Subscribe if you haven’t already for more Videos* Modern 2022 Ho Scale Amtrak Trains Compilation! With more modern Amtrak trains. With added working catenary! Lots more added to the layout since the last video was made. More added equipment and scenery. Layout is still in the works. Please comment if you have any ideas for future videos you would like to see! Thanks for watching, SUBSCRIBE & stay tuned for more videos

HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour


In this HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Tour, we visit John Grosner's HO Scale New Haven Railroad / Derby Junction Layout. Construction started in 2000 and was finished in 2009. The benchwork is open grid measuring 16 x 20. The track is hand-laid Code 70 and the hidden track is Code 83. The layout features 5 major areas to include realistic switching, prototypical structures, scenes and much more. The level of detail on this layout is simply incredible. Having operated on the layout personally on numerous occasions, I can say that this layout is very realistic in looks and in operations. Enjoy the video! 00:00 Intro 00:36 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour 03:13 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour (South Canal St) 07:01 Modeling Realistic Waterfront (Housatonic River) 09:32 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour (Derby Ct) 15:08 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour (Turkey Brook Yard) 17:16 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour (Maybrook Yard) 19:18 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour (Maybrook Yard Engine Terminal) 23:36 HO Scale Trains Running 28:28 HO Scale Prototype Modeling 30:15 HO Scale New Haven Model Railroad Layout Tour

HO SCALE Covered Hopper Paint & Weathering Tutorial (basic rust, patches, graffiti)


Nothing says the 2010s like a grey repatched covered hopper with rust, safety striping, and some graffiti. - Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 My Facebook Page: 🤍 Support me and my videos on Patreon! 🤍 DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to promote any specific products or brands; I just use the products I find work best for me through my experiences. There is no reason for me to promote a bad product, as then I would not enjoy using it, not like the result on my model, and not be proud of publicizing it in a video. There's also no point in me doing this to keep up relations with a company if the only benefit would be getting more of the same products that I didn't like. I have not used every product out there, but from what I have used, I keep using the products I like, and that's why I use them in my videos. You can use whatever other products you would like to and you can feel that they are better - that is your opinion, and is perfectly fine by me, thus I hope that feeling is reciprocated.

HO Scale Steam Locomotive Model Railway Layout with Thousands of Details (Germany)


In November 2017, a starter pack of German model trains by Märklin led to Jürgen Preis taking up the model railroading hobby. In 2018, he began planning and constructing his first model railway layout, which is installed in the attic of his house. A wooden frame served as the basis, on which the miniature world was modelled. The area of the HO scale layout is 1.2 meters wide and 3.4 meters long. In 2019, the H0 scale layout was already landscaped, the walls were covered with background wallpaper and model trains were operating on approximately 70 meters of Märklin C-track rails. Finally, the time had come to start the detailed design of the HO gauge layout: Jürgen Preis used various kits from the manufacturers Auhagen, Faller, Kibri, etc. to build bridges, industrial plants, railway buildings and houses. Jürgen Preis found inspiration for railway modelling and tips for model building on YouTube, in books and in magazines. Furthermore, he was greatly inspired by the works of art made by Josef Brandl, a well-known model builder in Germany. Therefore, he learned to weather buildings, vehicles and locomotives. Each kit was aged, patinated and weathered with additional paints, giving the model railway an even more realistic appearance. The model rail layout was built in less than three years. Jürgen Preis builds very quickly, yet very carefully and always with a high degree of detail, although the railway signals are made of paper, which is not noticeable at first sight. The rolling stock is mostly from Märklin, Piko and Roco. While the railroad points are controlled analogue via toggle switches, the steam locomotives and trains are operated digitally via Märklin’s Centralstation CS3. Jürgen Preis takes so much pleasure in rail transport modeling that he is now busy planning a new model railway layout in his cellar. By the way, he shares his experiences and also the “big” and “small” mistakes he has made with other model railway enthusiasts on his Instagram page. *Jürgen Preis on Instagram* 🤍 *Pilentum Television* 🤍

Model Train Shelf Layout ~ Track Fidelity | River Road - Vlog # 128


In this episode ( Lot's of model train action!), I compare different Model Railroad Track Codes as applied to an HO Scale Shelf Layout. I also mention HO Scale Wheel Tread Width and Scale Speed Translation in the context of compressed scenery. Easy ESU LokSound Decoder Tune Tip: 🤍 #scalemodel #hoscaletrains #modeltrains #diorama #shelflayout #kitbashing #models Prototype Sound Recording by Boomer Diorama DISCLAIMER: I pay for all the products and materials I use in this video content, unless otherwise stated. I do not receive any affiliate sponsorship, fees, funds, support, or gifts from company products, and/or any other companies, (unless otherwise stated). I only endorse products for the benefit of the community and my own personal use, apart from indicated sponsors.

It's HO Time! Episode 21 - HO scale model trains from March - April


Videos are going to be coming much more slowly for the rest of the year - now that winter is over, shooting at Cal Southern is becoming massively uncomfortable as the un-air-conditioned building sometimes reaches 90+ degrees; and it'll only get worse as summer rolls around! Thanks to our friends at the California Southern Model Railroad Club and Hybrid Hobby for their assistance in getting these clips together! California Southern - 🤍 Hybrid Hobby - 🤍

S1: E2: Giant HO Scale Train Layout Construction Begins. Benchwork!


Skip the intro 00:50. The new garage addition is complete and now the giant HO train layout construction begins. In this video construction begins with the layout benchwork. Follow me: 🤍

HO Scale Fails and Derailments Part 11!


Mixing things up in this batch, for a few requests...Trimmed some sound effects down, and steam makes a few more appearances. Otherwise, it's business as usual!

Review: Broadway Limited Paragon 4 HO Scale PRR Pensylvania Railroad E6 4-4-2, 460 Lindbergh Special


Unboxing and Review: Broadway Limited Paragon 4 HO Scale PRR Pensylvania Railroad E6 4-4-2, 460 Lindbergh Special WAIT… DID BLI misspell “Lindbergh” with “Lindbergh?” Ooops Thank you so much for watching! Please take a moment to consider purchasing products from my sponsorsthey're all great values and will help support my work! Also, please use the code ILOVEHOBBYSENSEI for an additional 10% off your order! Roll-Tru HO Scale Wheels: 🤍 Roll-Tru Shipping Containers 🤍 Sooper Smooth Model Lubricants: 🤍 Petsistence Pet First Aid Kits: 🤍 Music Title: Brazil Samba Music: 🤍bensound.com Genre: World Mood: Inspirational Download: 🤍

Best DCC & Sound HO Scale Model Train Starter Set!



Realistic Operations - BAD TRACK and Branch Lines in HO Scale


Modeling bad track on an industry spur - In this video we continue to follow NS Local Freight Train # P89 as it heads westbound towards Asheville and switches out a small cement industry. As always, thanks for watching and Merry Christmas! Best, Josh

Progress Rail HO Scale Train Set CAT Unboxing - Diecast Masters


Unboxing Diecast Masters HO Scale Progress Rail Train Set includes Caterpillar CAT Excavator Hi-Rail, Motor Grader, Walther's EMD SD70ACe locomotive, flat car, CSX boxcar, Sunoco Tank Car and a track layout. Diecast Masters Amazon Store: 🤍 Thanks to Diecast Masters for sending me this to unbox! 0:00 Intro 0:25 Unboxing 2:08 CAT M323F Wheeled Excavator Hi-Rail 4:31 CAT 12M3 Motor Grader 5:17 60' OTTX Flat car 6:27 Progress Rail SD70ACe 9:16 50' CSX Insulated Boxcar 10:18 Sunoco Tank Car 11:10 Walthers Power-Loc Track 12:17 Running Trains 16:39 Final Thoughts Ending Music: LAKEY INSPIRED - Better Days Discord: 🤍 FoxShot Realistic Server: 🤍 FoxYard Bedrock Server: 🤍 Commission a Build: 🤍

LARGEST family owned O-Gauge train layout in the America!! - Cornerfield Model Railroad Museum


For episode 15 of the train store walk through series I visited the absolutely incredible Cornerfield Model Railroad museum & Trading post in Middlefield Ohio!!! OMG I DIED AND WENT TO TRAIN HEAVEN! LOL The layout Is O Scale 1:48, and measures 145’ long x 32’ wide! Its MAXIMUM TRAIN ACTION AT ITS BEST‼️‼️ #LARGEST #HUGE #TRAINS #layout #america This place left me speechless, mind boggled and appreciating the O gauge hobby more than ever! Videos are great but you have to make the trip out here and see the layout & train store in person. It was truly an amazing experience and I will be returning here in the future for sure! Thanks so much the the Elesh family for allowing me share this memorable experience with my subscribers! Info: Cornerfield Model Railroad Museum & Trading Post 16720 Pioneer Rd Middlefield, OH 44062 Phone: 440-636-5162 Website: 🤍 Hours of operation: Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday: 11PM-4PM Thursday: 12PM-4PM Friday: 11AM-4PM Saturday: 11AM-4PM Sunday: 12PM-4PM Closed On All Major Holidays: Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day. As always guys thanks for watching and commenting! Like👍🏼 & Subscribe 🔔 to the channel! Hope you enjoy, and as always I appreciate your likes, comments, and new subscribers! Don’t forget! I am the maker of the best and most affordable Building Flats for all train scales! Please visit my eBay store for the most up to date list of available items for purchase: Https://🤍ebay.com/usr/Pghtrainfanatic Or visit our website: Https://🤍pghtrainfanatic.com Pghtrainfanatic Merch: 🤍 Become a Patron of the channel: 🤍 I also sell on Etsy shop name is pghtrainfanatic

Realistic Operations - Local Freight & Switching Industry in HO Scale


In this video, we take a look at local operations on the NS Asheville District and follow P89 - a train that serves multiple industries along the S-line. Thanks for watching! - Josh

HO Scale Modelers, Don't Hide Your Staging Area/Rail Yard!


Make the rail yard the focal point of your lay out, don't hide it!

HO scale Train hump yard test 2


Building HO Train Layout - Ep 3 - How to do Scenery


In this episode of the series we focus on the beginning stages of scenery for the 4 x 8 layout. Enjoy! Edited with Adobe Premiere Music - Dao Beats (🤍 Camera - iPhone #HOLayout #ModelRailroad #Trains

M1 Abrams Tank HO Scale Military Train Unboxing


Unboxing an HO Scale Artitec M1A1 Abrams Tank Desert Storm Trainload and Spring Mills Depot DODX 40000 series 68' Flatcars in Ortner Urethane Green, Thrall Cascade Green. Used to run some military trains. Flat cars from Spring Mills Depot 🤍 DODX = Department of Defense 0:00 Intro 0:33 Unboxing Artitec M1A1 Abrams Tank 3:39 Unboxing Spring Mills Depot DODX Flatcars 7:01 Running Trains 12:41 Final Thoughts 14:51 Bonus Discord: 🤍 FoxShot Realistic Server: 🤍 FoxYard Bedrock Server: 🤍 Commission a Build: 🤍

Review: Rapido AutoFlood III Coal Hopper [HO Scale]


In this video, we'll check out the second release of the Rapido AutoFlood III Coal Hopper. This newly released model is one of 7 Road names, 9 total paint schemes, and a grand total of 128 unique road numbers. The Review will be a detail analysis of the features, performance testing, then the set will be given a final score & letter Grade. You can purchase yours directly from Rapido here: 🤍 Check Out Other Reviews I've Done: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Start 0:16 Prototype History 0:46 Product Information 1:32 Detail Analysis 8:14 Scoring 10:32 Final Score & Conclusions 11:34 Run By's

Layout Update - August 2022 - Large HO Scale Model Railroad Switching Layout


Today I go over some details of the street running portion of my layout. Below are some items and photographers credited in my video. 🤍 Craig Walker Album 🤍 Joe Blackwell Album 🤍 Ryan Humphery Album 🤍 Boomers Channel 🤍 Other items shown 🤍 🤍 🤍

NON STOP HO Scale Model Trains Ep.34 | WP, Kodachrome & GM Demos [4K]


I’m the latest NON STOP HO Scale model trains; Western Pacific, Kodachrome and GM Demonstrators make their way around the layout. Watch as freight train after freight train roll by. Enjoy! Thank you to Athearn Model Trains, HOroundhouse and the California Southern Model Railroad Club for making this video possible. 🤍 🤍 🤍

Beautiful Model Railway Layout in HO scale


At the great festival for US model trains in Germany, also Gerrit Schoenmaker from the Netherlands presented his beautiful model railway layout, called “Western Rhapsody”. This display presents the Southwest of the United States in the 1950’s and 1960’s with its freight and passenger rail services. Apart from the model trains, for example, two steam locomotives operating in multiple-unit train control, the effect of the background wallpaper must be noted. So the landscape with its railway line merges with the background of the canyons. Enjoy 🤍 and thanks for watching.

EMD GP40 Model Announcement (HO Scale)


Join the waitlist so you don't miss it! 🤍 We help people build "State-of-the-Art" model railroads.

HO Scale Model Train Compilation! May 2022


Model Florida East Coast, Norfolk Southern, and Amtrak trains running back and forth at the East Coast HO Exhibitor Society modular layout in Cutler Bay, FL. We were able to set up our roughly quarterly display in May 2022 and all members had a blast. Scenes include custom modified Florida East Coast rolling stock, rock hoppers, NS intermodal, autoracks, and classic FEC and Amtrak trains. Keep in touch! MY SOCIALS: Follow TolgaEastCoast on Instagram! 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 This video is the property of Tolga E. unless otherwise noted. Reproduction or redistribution is not allowed without consent of the video owner.

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