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In this episode i'm gonna tell the prices and the expenses for everything in Seychelles from renting a car, price for gas, price for 3 different accommodations, food both at restaurants and grocery stores , price for tours and so much more. Also i'll share some important things you need to know if you want to visit this beautiful island along with some of the places that i recommend you to check out. I'll share with you everything you need to know to have an awesome travel experience in this beautiful island. #seychelles #seychellesprices #howmuch Check more videos from our travels to Seychelles here: Episode 1: How to rent a car? | The first day impressions! 🤍 Episode 2: Beau Vallon Beach | Second Day experiences! 🤍 Episode 3: Getting Married in Seychelles! 🤍 Episode 4: 4 places You Must Visit | Budget Room Review 🤍 Episode 5: Seychelles Villa Review 🤍 Episode 6: Victoria Botanical Garden Review 🤍 Episode 7: Why you MUST VISIT this local market? 🤍 Episode 8: Why You Should AVOID This Tour! Island Tour HONEST REVIEW 🤍 Episode 9: Zanzibar vs. Seychelles | All Prices Compared 🤍 Check all the videos from our Seychelles PlayList here: 🤍 Follow me on instagram for more travel content : 🤍

ZANZIBAR 🇹🇿 vs. SEYCHELLES 🇸🇨 All Prices Compared | Which One is Better?


In this Episode of Price Compared i put Zanzibar and Seychelles head to head to see which one of these two beautiful islands has better prices. I'll compare prices for accommodation, transportation, food and tours and destinations. If you had just one choice, which country would you go to? I hope this video will help you answer that question for you! Yes there is going to be a clear winner! #zanzibar #seychelles #prices Watch More Travel Videos From Zanzibar & Seychelles Here Zanzibar Playlist 🤍 Seychelles Playlist 🤍 Zanzibar Boat Tour Review 🤍 Seychelles Boat Tour Review 🤍 Zanzibar Room Reviews 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 3. 🤍 4. 🤍 Seychelles Room Reviews 1. 🤍 2. 🤍

Seychelles 🏝️ cost of grocery shopping - sunset Drone view 4k 🌴


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Cost of Living in Seychelles - How Expensive is Seychelles


Cost of Living in Seychelles - How Expensive is Seychelles

Seychelles Is Not What You Think It Is! (Cost of living)


Seychelles Is Not What You Think It is a video about me traveling and exploring Seychelles. I take you through the costs of living in Seychelles, Mahe & La Digue, and also some things to do in Seychelles. I also give you some information about the cost of real estate in Seychelles which has some of the best beachfront resorts and luxury real estate in Africa. I show you some of the best hotels in Seychelles, Anse Source d'Argent which is the most Beautiful Beach in Africa, and some of the Interesting creole cultures of Seychelles. Do watch, like, and subscribe. Buy my Course to Learn how to build a Successful Youtube Channel: 🤍 WATCH NEXT: ○ We Found Paradise in Zanzibar, Tanzania (Cost of living): 🤍 ○ We Found Paradise in Cape Town, South Africa (Cost of living) 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Support me on Paypal: 🤍 Follow Me: Instagram at 🤍 Facebook at 🤍 Twitter at 🤍 Go follow my awesome friends in this video. They all create dope content. 🤍 🤍 Get in touch with me: business🤍

【4K】 STC Hypermarket Victoria Mahé Seychelles


STC Hypermarket is a shopping center in Victoria, Mahé Seychelles.

What Can $10 Get You in THE SEYCHELLES?!


📲 My JUST GO APP is here! Connect w/ travelers for free: 🤍 ✅ SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos: 🤍 🤍 Welcome to THE SEYCHELLES my 139th country! This tiny African island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean is most famous for its picture-perfect beaches and world-class resorts. But you all know what beaches and resorts look like... so I wanted to show you the opposite side of the Seychelles the local life which I came to realize is very minimal. The capital city (town) of Victoria has merely 25,000 people, making it the smallest capital in Africa and one of the smallest in the world. The Seychelles is also VERY EXPENSIVE, so making this video was quite hard... But nonetheless, join me in my 15th episode of this series to see 'how much you can get with $10 USD' in the Seychelles. Have you ever been to the Seychelles? Please share your experiences in the Seychelles below! P.S. This video was one of the hardest I've ever made. I nearly gave up, as it's been pouring rain all day and it happens to be a national holiday in the Seychelles, meaning almost everything is closed. As I have been limited on what I could do and see here, I apologize if this episode is less entertaining than my usual ones! Thanks for watching. ► SUBSCRIBE for daily travel videos: 🤍 ► Travel Blog: 🤍 FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ►Facebook 🤍drewbinsky: 🤍 (I post daily videos there too!) ►Instagram 🤍drewbinsky: 🤍 ►Twitter 🤍drewbinsky: 🤍 MORE ABOUT ME: 🤍 CONTACT ME: drew (at) drewbinsky (dot) com

SEYCHELLES Everything You Need to know // BUDGET - TIPS AND TRICKS


We are breaking down everything that we spent on our trip to the Seychelles, and giving you some money saving tips for your Seychelles vacation. We will cover everything including transportation, accommodation, Restaurant and grocery costs and tour prices. Have any questions on Seychelles Covid-19 Travel? Be sure to let us know in the comments and we will do our best to help plan your Seychelles Vacation! Be sure to check out the rest of our Seychelles Vlogs here: 🤍 Praslin Island Highlights Tour 🤍 ★ Apply for Hilton Credit Card for Instant Gold Status (Free Breakfast!) ★ They have an insane points bonus for applying right now!! 🤍 ★ FOLLOW KELLY ON INSTAGRAM ★ 🤍 ★ FOLLOW KEVIN ON INSTAGRAM★ 🤍 ★ Get a FREE Lightroom Preset! ★ 🤍​​​​​ ★ CLICK HERE FOR A $40 AIRBNB DISCOUNT! ★ We can't recommend Airbnb enough! 🤍 This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. - ALL Our Gear: BEST Instagram WIDE angle lens: 🤍 Our tiny inexpensive VLOG camera 🤍 Camera we use for Instagram AND vlogging: 🤍 Zoom lens to COMPRESS a photo background: 🤍 BEST budget lens EVERYONE should have: 🤍 56" tall TRIPOD: 🤍 #seychelles #seychellesprices #budgettravel GoPro fo sho: 🤍 SUPER FAST SD Memory card: 🤍 Gorilla pod tripod for QUICK use: 🤍 The BEST camera bag EVER: 🤍 A drone ANYONE can learn to fly: 🤍 Vlogging mic so you sound AMAZING: 🤍 FURRY mic accessory that helps with WIND: 🤍 DRONE Polarized Filters: 🤍 #seychelles #ladigue #travelvlog -Chapters- 0:00 Intro. 0:37 Transportation. 3:51 Food. 5:48 Accommodation. 6:46 Tours/Admissions. 8:38 Travel Form. 9:34 Total. 10:38 Bloopers.

Cost of Living in Seychelles - Monthly expenses | Seychelles prices


How expensive is Seychelles? In this video, we will take a look at Cost of Living in Seychelles - Monthly expenses | Seychelles prices Hey guys, It's LifeCost! Find out the prices and the amount of money you might need to spend on study, work, and travel to cover your expenses, buy basic goods, or services such as food, clothes, utilities, and housing. Let me know in the comments about your opinions of this country, I'm really excited! [SUBSCRIBE] - 🤍 Anyone planning on moving, studying, or just traveling to a certain country needs to know exactly how much it is going to cost to live there. Part of planning in this video will include calculating the average monthly cost, which will include such expenses as Restaurants, Markets, Transportation, Utilities, Sports and Leisure, Childcare, Clothing and Shoes, Rent per Month, Salaries, and Financing. In the end, I will provide you with the overall statistics of all expenses. Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:16 What is the cost of living? 00:28 Catogireis of expenses 00:50 Restaurants 01:16 Markets 01:56 Transportation 02:14 Utilities 02:25 Sports and leisure 02:36 Childcare 02:47 Clothing and shoes 02:57 Rent per month and apartment price 03:07 Average monthly salary 03:17 Statistical model of expenses Credit: 🤍 Watch my other videos: Cost of Living in Germany - Monthly expenses for 2021 - 🤍 Cost of Living in Russia - Monthly expenses and prices for 2021 - 🤍 Huge thanks if you watched this video to the end. - Write your thoughts on these numbers, let me know the country of the city you want next, or if this video needs an update! Don't forget to like and subscribe. See you soon and have a nice day! #CostOfLiving #MonthlyExpenses #Prices

Cost of living in Seychelles - How Expensive is Seychelles


In this video, we analyzed the cost of living in Seychelles! Note should be taken that these are not fixed prices, they are subjected to slight changes over time and they are as well averages. Cost of feeding in Seychelles Cost of Housing in Seychelles Cost of Transportation in Seychelles Cost of Internet in Seychelles #CostOfLivingInSeychelles Thanks for watching POSITIVE AFRICA, We are #Africa and we are proud to be. All our videos are aimed at Educating, Informing, Reporting, Reviewing, Criticizing & Ranking everything #African. Our content includes: #africanews #africalist #Africanpopculture #Africaentertainment #Afrcicanmusic #Africanculture #Africainterviews #AfricaSpeeches #Africanpolitics & #Panafrican If you love what I do and would want me to do better, you can support me here: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 Email us 🤍mathderson2345🤍 for News Tips, content submission, ads partnership, collabos, sponsorship or content issues. We are Africa!!! #Algeria #Angola #Benin #Botswana #BurkinaFaso #Burundi #CapeVerde #Cameroon #CentralAfricanRepublic #CAR #Chad #Comoros #DRCongo #Congo #IvoryCoast #Djibouti #Egypt #EquatorialGuinea #Eritrea #Eswatini #Swaziland #Ethiopia #Gabon #Gambia #Ghana #Guinea #GuineaBissau #Kenya #Lesotho #Liberia #Libya #Madagascar #Malawi #Mali #Mauritania #Mauritius #Morocco #Mozambique #Namibia #Niger #Nigeria #Rwanda #SaoTomePrincipe #Senegal #Seychelles #SierraLeone #Somalia #SouthAfrica #SouthSudan #Sudan #Tanzania #Togo #Tunisia #Uganda #Zambia #Zimbabwe #AfricaUnion #AU Translated titles: Costo de vida en Seychelles-¿Qué tan caro es Seychelles? Lebenshaltungskosten auf den Seychellen-Wie teuer sind die Seychellen? Coût de la vie aux Seychelles-Combien coûtent les Seychelles Custo de vida nas Seychelles-How Expensive is Seychelles सेशेल्स में रहने की लागत-सेशेल्स कितन تكلفة المعيشة في سيشيل-ما مدى تكلفة سيشيل 塞舌尔的生活费用-塞舌尔的昂贵 Kosten van levensonderhoud op de Seychellen-Hoe duur zijn de Seychellen セイシェルでの生活費-セイシェルの費用 Стоимость проживания на Сейшельских островах-насколь

How expensive is Seychelles ||Seychelles cost for Indian Tourists||Seychelles budget trip from India


How expensive is Seychelles? In this video we break down Seychelles cost for Indian Tourists. If you are planning for a Seychelles budget trip from India or Seychelles Honeymoon, watch this video. We publish videos on - Budget Trips - Travel Hacks - Visa guide for Indians - Trip Itineraries ► WEBSITE 🤍 ► SUBSCRIBE for Weekly travel videos ► INSTAGRAM? Join us 🤍cabinbagspacked ► PINTREST? Check us out 🤍cabinbagspacked // ABOUT Tan & Rosa || Travel Story Corporate Slaves by Profession, but Wanderers at heart. We have been to 18 countries together (By the time this video was uploaded)!

🌴 Visit Seychelles on a BUDGET in 2021: Guide to Secret Beaches & Tropical Islands in 4K - PART 1


I can't... Seychelles is too Expensive.. NOT WITH US!! Find how to: spend less, do more and visit all the islands on a low budget! ✏️ The Easy software I used to do draw this video: - English 🤍 - Spanish 🤍 - German 🤍 👩‍🏫 Learn How to use the Doodly software: - English 🤍 My 2020 KIT for Making Videos, Vlogs, and Training: How I speak on Camera: 🤍 My Air Travel Accepted MEGA battery pack: 🤍 My Trick for Cameras: 🤍 My 4GB Portable Storage: 🤍 MY CPL-ND FILTERS (a MUST!): 🤍 Insane Filter for my Phone: 🤍 The Best & Cheapest Tripod: 🤍 My Main Video Camera: 🤍 My 2nd Camera: 🤍 My Vlog Camera: 🤍 My 360 Camera of choice: 🤍 Filters for 2x QUALITY IMAGE: 🤍 Wireless Remote: 🤍 My Drone for Aerial Footage: 🤍 My Smaller Drone: 🤍 My INSANE Studio Mic (voice-over): 🤍 Shotgun Mic: 🤍 Best Lavalier Mic: 🤍 Wireless Mic (up to 70 meters): 🤍 My GO TO Backpack: 🤍 My Big All-in-one Backpack: 🤍 My MAIN super-powered STUDIO LIGHT: 🤍 My secondary lights: 🤍 GoPro + Phone gimbal: 🤍 Preview Monitor: 🤍 Articulating Arm (SMALL): 🤍 Articulating Arm (BIG): 🤍 My FAV All-in-one Lens: 🤍 My smallest lens (FISHEYE): 🤍 My GO TO Portrait Lens: 🤍 The above affiliate links help you stay Creative, while helping our channel at the same time, so thank you if you choose to purchase through us :) On this episode "SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: BUDGET TRAVELLER Guide to Secret Beaches Ep01" we'll be going through rough jungle, swimming to small secret beaches and spending time with locals creating our own private Seychelles experience! Find out how to find cheap accommodation in Seychelles and get to know the real Seychelles local life! 🎬Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 🤍 🤝Connect with us: 🤍 ☕️ For collabs: 🤍 You'll discover: -How to get free entrance to Seychelles world's top secret beaches -How to save on transport around the island -How to save on cheap accommodation in Seychelles through guest houses -How to dine till you explode with little money -All the recommended top locations by locals to avoid tourists! Spend your Honey Moon 2019 in Seychelles Islands by using the Seychelles Package deal 2019 on our next video! ►Finance our Travel Guides with a small donation: 🤍 ►Our Travel Gear: 🎥 YouTube Gear 🤍 ⚙️ Equipment HACKS 🤍 🤜🏻 Defend yourself 🤍 👦🏻 Lightweight gear 🤍 🧔🏻 Heavyweight gear 🤍 💻 Editing gear 🤍 Our above affiliate links allow you to support us at zero cost ►TOURISTIC SEYCHELLES MAP 🤍 ►MAP LOCATIONS 🤍 ►Links to the services we used: -Travel package to La Digue with 🤍 -Accomodation with 🤍 -Car rental with 🤍 ►MUSIC CREDITS All Saints - Pure Shores (Pier Laurenzi "Spaced" Mix) If you want to get in touch feel free to look us up on: ►Instagram 🤍 ►Facebook page 🤍 ►Website 🤍 We hope you have an amazing time! Thank you for your support! Orlando & Zdenka #wishcasting #seychelles #tropical

The Seychelles on a budget!


A short film to show what you can get up to on a budget in the Seychelles - 3 islands over 13 days. All of our accommodation was fantastic and we would highly recommend them all, details can be found below. Any questions please let me know! Itinerary: Praslin - 4 days La Digue - 3 days Mahe - 5 days Cost: Flights: LHR to SEZ direct (British Airways): £390pp Mahe to Praslin: £50pp Ferry: La Digue to Mahe: £50pp Paslin Accommodation: Chez Bea Luxury Villa = £259 La Digue Accommodation: Marie France Beach Apartments = £272 Mahe Accommodation: Drake Seaside Studio Apartments = £460 Car Rental: £35 a day (we only hired a car for the 5 days in Mahe and 2 days in Praslin, La Digue has no motorised vehicles and it is easy to cycle) Spending money: £350pp

Seychelles on a budget - the complete guide


Affordable vacation in the Seychelles is not a dream! This video will show you how to travel Seychelles on a budget. Links to the accommodations mentioned on the video: Mahe: Chez Coco - Villa Lima - Island Cove - Beau Vallon Residance - Praslin: Le Pointe Beach Huts - Katiti - Le Pointe Beach Huts - Tourterelle - Seashell Self Catring - La Residance D'Almee - My Ozi Perl New Creole Villas - La Digue: Chloe's Cottage - Buisson Guesthouse - Disclaimer: we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not effect the prices for you

Seychelles Honeymoon Cost Breakdown - How Much Did We Spend? | Dilya London


Hey guys, since Seychelles Honeymoon vlogs are very popular on my channel I decided to give you more useful info and prepared a cost breakdown of what we spent on our trip to Seychelles: airplane tickets, housing, excursions, ferries, car rental, etc We visited Praslin, La Digue and Mahe islands. None of this is sponsored, just my own experience! Praslin house: 🤍 La Digue B&B: 🤍 Mahe apartment: 🤍 Car rental on Mahe island: alpha🤍 Hope this was useful. Thanks for watching! HAVE YOU SEEN THESE? 🤍 - VLOG #1 - Praslin, First Impressions 🤍 - VLOG #2 - Coco De Mer, Zimbabwe 🤍 - VLOG #3 | La Digue Island 🤍 - VLOG #4 | Sea Turtle, Local Money 🤍 - VLOG #5 | Mahe Island 🤍 - VLOG #6 | Parasailing & Happy Ending ☼ Me on social networks ☼ Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog:



If you're planning on traveling to Seychelles in 2022 (and beyond) you absolutely need to watch this! In this video, I share some practical travel tips and some incredible activities to do on Mahé Island, Seychelles. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Introduction 1:49 - Part 1: The Practical Stuff 2:15 - Seychelles packing List 2:46 - How to get to Seychelles 3:25 - Seychelles Travel Authorization 3:55 - Seychelles Accommodation Logistics 4:32 - About Seychelles 6:32 - Why is Seychelles so expensive? 6:51 - Preparing your finances for Seychelles 7:24 - Where to stay in Seychelles (budget friendly) 8:04 - Where I stayed on Mahé Island 10:11 - Where to buy fresh fish 10:26 - Where to buy groceries in Seychelles 10:45 - Why are there so many wall geckos? 12:18 - How to get around 13:41 - What is driving in Seychelles like? 15:07 - Should you get sim cards? 16:37 - Part 2: Things to do in Seychelles 16:49 - Exploring Victoria (one of the smallest capital cities) 17:31 - Religious tolerance in Seychelles 18:47 - Seychelles Botanical Garden 19:17 - Seychelles Giant Tortoises 20:19 - Coco de Mer 21:39 - Eden Island 23:44 - Seychelles Organic Rum (Takamaka) 26:00 - Boat Tours/Cruises 26:23 - Marine Park Snorkeling Tour 26:58 - Hiking in Seychelles 28:35 - Seychelles Beaches 29:11 - Surfers Beach 29:49 - Beau Vallon Beach 31:06 - Seychelles People 32:10 - Conclusion USEFUL LINKS: Seychelles Travel Authorization: 🤍 All Seychelles Travel Information: 🤍 Takamaka Rum Distillery: 🤍 Eden Island: 🤍 St. Anne Marine National Park: 🤍 Sign Up to My Newsletter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email for Inquiries: rich.nzekwu🤍 🎶 MUSIC USED IN THE VIDEO: Epidemic Sound: 🤍

Seychelles on a BUDGET - What you can do for FREE


Here is a day we spent in the Seychelles exploring the main island of Mahe, site seeing and free diving. We did all of this for free and only had to pay for lunch at this super cool place that offers a great experience. We started the day by going to watch the sunrise at a beach called Anse Royal Beach in the Seychelles. This beach is normally packed and is super hard to find a car park. As we watched the sunrise we then decided to head to our next stop: A rock pool not too far from the Anse Royal beach. The rock pool is located at Anse Takamaka Beach in Baie Lazare. You can park your car and head towards "Batista's". Once there you will see a sign that says "rock pool" follow this sign until you reach the rock pool. Unfortunately for us that day the rock pool was green and dirty, so we got our snorkelling kits and jumped in the sea as it was just so blue and inviting. We even saw a little shark it was an amazing experience. Once we finished snorkelling we headed to Maria's Rock Cafe to have lunch, we decided to get the seafood platter. You will get to cook your food how you like it and the experience is just great fun for everyone. We then decided to end the day at one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen in the Seychelles, Port Launay beach near Grand Anse on the North west side of Mahe. We went snorkelling once again and watched the sunset there. I hope this helped you if you are/or planning to go to the Seychelles. It truly is paradise on earth. More videos coming soon so DON"T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!! FIND ME HERE: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 VIC: 🤍 Music: Song: LiQWYD - Love Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 Music | "Got My Love" by LiQWYD Watch: 🤍 License: 🤍 Download/Stream: 🤍 Song: Atch - Right Here (ft. Michael Shynes) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍

3 Weeks in the Seychelles under $1K!


Seychelles on a budget: seriously, we spent 3 weeks in Seychelles, hopped across 3 islands, working, hiking, walking, cycling, eating and relaxing, and we spent under $1000 (per person, excluding flight)! We absolutely LOVED the Seychelles. Here's more info around our trip. Where to go and stay - We loved La Digue and Mahé the most. - On Mahé, we enjoyed staying in Beau Vallon the most. It has a beautiful beach with a lovely food market and, shops for food, sim cards, and clothes. It is a great location to explore the rest of the island because busses to Victoria (from where you can take a next bus to the whole island) come rather frequently. Transportation Busses - Pack lightly: Suitcases are not allowed on the public busses. We travelled with two small backpacks and one hand-luggage sized trekkers backpack. Make sure you have small change to pay your ticket (7 rupees). Drivers will not accept bank notes of 100 rupees or more. - You can find updated bus schedules on 🤍 - On average, busses come every 45 minutes, with higher frequency for the most used bus lines. Bicycles - There are a lot of bicycle rental companies on La Digue (and a few on Praslin and Mahé). Take your time to compare prices before you rent Food & Drinks - Street market food and take away is nicely priced, between 40 and 80 rupees depending on what you choose. We stayed away from restaurants charging on average 300 rupees for a meal. - The islands are so beautiful that you don't need a nice-looking restaurant with 10 USD cocktails to have a lovely sundowner. We just bought our drinks in the supermarket and drank them at sunset on a beach. Pure magic! Island Hopping - If you plan to use the ferry, we advise you take a nap during the +-50 minutes ride from Mahe to Praslin, it can be bumpy, so you may get sea sick.

Travel Seychelles on a budget. An African Island visa| South African YouTuber


Seychelles is an amazing African Island and South Africans, Irish and British citizens can visit for 30 days visa free. Americans will get a visit permit upon arrival. All prices are based on research done on the 23/04/2021 for travel dates in May/ June of 2021 and currency converted based on said dates rates. Prices are subject to change at anytime so please ensure you double check before booking. Visa requirements change all the time so please check before booking. Seychelles requires everyone travelling from Yellow Fever regions to produce yellow fever vaccination certificate so please note. Until next time, wake up and travel. 📸Planet ware

Victoria, capital of Seychelles - Markets, Shops and Bus Terminal Vlog #3 #expatlifeinseychelles


Visit our website: 🤍 As an expat, you need to know what the place holds to have a smooth living. Victoria - a town in Seychelles, is a capital city that holds all the necessary operations for the country. The town of Victoria has shops, offices, banks, schools, temples and churches. A shopping place and a workplace for people in Seychelles. #expatlifeinseychelles #seychellesexpats #livinginseychelles Thanks for visiting the channel. If you like the content, please consider subscribing to the channel : 🤍 More videos on Seychelles : 🤍 Video made on : iPhone 12 Pro | Joby JB01534-BWW Grip Tight PRO Tele Pod (Blk/C) (Black) Check it here : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍

Buying a SIM Card in Seychelles 🇸🇨 - 10 Things You Need to Know About Airtel and Cable & Wireless


Are you heading to Seychelles, or are you already living in Seychelles and are in need of a (new) Seychellois SIM card from either Airtel or Cable & Wireless? Here are 10 things you need to know about buying a SIM card in Seychelles! This video will be helpful for those who want to buy a Seychellois SIM card, whether it is for a short trip to Seychelles or those already living in Seychelles. Save your hard-earned money by spending it on a local SIM card and data plan instead of international roaming! ☕ Buy me a Ko-Fi so that I can create more YouTube videos for you (no, I will not buy coffees 🤪)! 🤍 🇸🇨 Read the most comprehensive Seychelles SIM card buying guide on the web: 🤍 📖 The best eSIMs for Seychelles compared (with discount codes!): 🤍 👀 Seychelles Laziocom eSIMs by Airalo (best value for money & all cheaper than any local option): 🤍 A promo code is not needed - this link will give you EXCLUSIVE Phone Travel Wiz deals 😎 This description contains affiliate links. Purchases made through affiliate links (with the recommended discount codes) may provide a commission for us at no extra cost to you. 💯 Find the best SIM cards for EVERY country with the easy-to-use best SIM card lookup tool: 🤍 🌐 Travel eSIMs are convenient and sometimes CHEAPER than any local option (like in Norway - crazy!) - find out about my travel eSIM recommendations and grab EXCLUSIVE discounts: 🤍 💲How much do SIM cards cost around the world? Find out with the SIM card prices lookup tool: 🤍 ✍🏿 Is SIM card registration mandatory? If so, what is required from you? Find out now with this nifty tool: 🤍 ⏱️Timestamps 0:00 Start 0:38 Premise of this Video 1:17 1. Operators in Seychelles (Airtel and Cable & Wireless) 1:48 2. Where to Buy a SIM Card in Seychelles + Prices 2:33 3. SIM Card Registration in Seychelles 2:57 4. VPNs for Seychelles 4:56 5. Best SIM Card in Seychelles 5:17 6. Mobile Data Rates & Data Speed in Seychelles 6:58 7. Mobile Coverage in Seychelles 7:11 8. International SIM Cards for Seychelles 8:40 9. Data Packages in Seychelles 9:56 10. International Roaming in Seychelles 10:48 Rounding it up

Best Hotels in Seychelles - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget


► Links to the best hotels in Seychelles we mentioned in this video: ► 5. Villa Chez Batista - 🤍 ► 4. Carana Beach Hotel - 🤍 ► 3. Diamond Plaza - 🤍 ► 2. Constance Lémuria - 🤍 ► 1. Sahaj Holiday Apartments - 🤍 In this video, we listed the top 5 best hotels in Seychelles. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and i tried to list them based on their price, quality, location and more. If you want to see the price and find out more information about these hotels, you can check out the links above. Thanks for watching, and i hope you liked this video. If this video was helpful to you, please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this in the future!

Seychelles - Residency & Citizenship, Banking, Offshore Company Formation, Investing, and more


Get personalized advice about tax, asset protection, offshore banking, residency, and citizenships: 🤍 You can visit our websites for more information about us: 🤍 & 🤍 Seychelles used to be a famous offshore tax haven! Actually, when I first got into this business Seychelles was one of the most popular countries for offshore company formation & banking. Where does Seychelles stand today, and what may be some opportunities in this paradise? Seychelles used to have IBCs as a popular form for offshore companies - short for International Business Companies. These companies were popular for a variety of reasons. First one, clearly being zero tax. Second had to do with very low costs of setting up and operating. On top of this they provided good secrecy. However, as the global situation changed and developed countries started cracking down on tax havens it become tougher and tougher. All of the sudden you were in a situation where you can't get banking for your offshore company and the structure became useless. So, if you can't form a functional offshore company, what CAN you do in Seychelles? From my perspective, this country may be interesting for residency and citizenship. It is not that difficult to obtain residency in Seychelles, and after 5 years of having a residency you can apply for their citizenship! Seychelles doesn't have citizenship by investment program, so you would need to wait for 5 years before you can apply for their citizenship by naturalization. Their passport is pretty decent - it offers visa free access to China, Russia, the UK and the whole Schengen zone. You can also visit New Zealand visa free, which is quite cool. In order to maintain your residency in Seychelles you'd need to spend only 5 days per year in the country - which is great! Another thing that I may consider regarding Seychelles is buying property. Even though there are some restrictions around foreigners buying property it is still doable, and I personally believe it to be a good investment opportunity. Who are we and what do we do? We are Offshore Citizen team. We help people become global: get a second passport, set up a second residency, pay less taxes, do banking abroad, etc. We have lots of interesting articles on different topics, we have relevant information up to date. Author: Michael Rosmer Feel free to join our community! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel 🤍

SEYCHELLES - September 2022


10 days exploring Mahe, Silhouette Island and La Digue. Hiking, exploring, scuba diving with Labriz Dive Center and a great stay at Hilton Labriz Resort

Living In Seychelles


According to survey, Seychelles is one of the most expensive country to live in among African Region. Lets see and find out whether their declaration is really true.

Creole street food at cascade, Seychelles island(Jules take way-Budget friendly)


Jules take away is located at the cascade district, Seychelles island. The establishment is there for the past 14 years, this place is well known for its creole cuisine take away boxes. The experience was delicious and its often noted a crowded place. follow us on Youtube-🤍 Instagram-🤍 Facebook-🤍 #Seychelles #SeychellesBeach #SeychellesIsland #SeychellesTravel #djimavicair #dronephotography #yesseychelles #instagood #seychellen #mahe #seychellesislands #wanderlust #photooftheday #photography #ocean #islandlife #rawafrica #secretafrica #visitseychelles #beachlife #travel #indianocean #paradise #praslin #instatravel #island #nature #holiday #travelgram #travelphotography

Things you need to know before moving to the Seychelles #prosandcons


Our life in Seychelles has been one of the best times. As Seychelles is getting popular among tourists and slowly becoming one of the favourites for expats. The beautiful beaches, quiet island life is winning many hearts. However, every place has its pros and cons. If you are planning on travelling to Seychelles in 2022. You absolutely need to watch this. i am breaking down some important points that is useful for your daily life or a vacation in seychelles. More details on the BLOG on Pros and cons of living in Seychelles - 🤍 Book a hotel in Seychelles : 🤍 Book a trip to Seychelles : 🤍 More videos on Seychelles: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍 Thanks for visiting the channel. If you like the content, please consider subscribing to the channel: 🤍 Subscribe and receive FREE Travel planner : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Introduction 0:48 - Best island to live in the Seychelles 0:59 - Beaches in Seychelles 1:44 - Sea weeds 2:16 - Weather of Seychelles, Best time to visit 3:09 - Traffic in Seychelles 3:29 - About the town Victoria 3:37 - Daily routine of the Island 4:18 - How long official work takes in Seychelles 5:38 - Driving in the Seychelles, Which side drive 5:51 - Driving licence 6:03 - cars, where to buy cars, modes of transportations in Seychelles 6:38 - Getting around Seychelles 7:14 - Cost of living 7:41 - Restaurant 8:56 - Tourist price and resident price 9:27 - Embassy or Consulate 10:24 - Schooling 11:18 - Daycare 11:15 - Medical and Health care 12:48 - Dangerous creatures 13:28 - General thought on living in the Seychelles 14:07 - How safe the Seychelles is? 14:09 - Conclusion Thanks again! Roaz

Seychelles, Practical Travel Information. (Itinerary. When to go? What to bring?)


In this video, I share practical information about traveling to Seychelles. I cover travel itinerary tips for Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. I share my favorite beaches and spots to see around the islands and give a rough estimate of the number of days you should spend on each island. I have tried to summarize all the recommendations I wish I knew before I went to Seychelles. If you are planning to go to Seychelles, this video will provide you with useful information to organize your trip to Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. #seychelles #seychellestourism #seychellesbeaches #seychellesislands LINKS to MAHE, PRASLIN, LA DIGUE videos: Mahe Island 🤍 Praslin Island 🤍 La Digue Island 🤍

Top 10 places to visit in Seychelles 🇸🇨


My dream came true! This time my wife and I have visited Seychelles, an East African archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. We have spent 10 unforgettable days and traveled through all the main islands - Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. In this video I have shared my top 10 places that you should absolutely visit. Thanks to the Seychelles Tourism Board who have invited us for this sponsored content trip ❤️🇸🇨 Which place did u like the most? My favorite were giant Aldabra tortoise enclosure and Anse Source d'Argent. How did you like this travel vlog? Share your thoughts in the comment section! Support future video production: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Interested in learning more about the Seychelles Islands? Visit the official destination website: 🤍 Follow Visit Seychelles team: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:33 Victoria Tour 1:44 Helicopter Scenic Flight 2:31 Botanical Gardens - Giant Tortoises 3:30 Mahe Hotel Recommendation 3:51 Copolia Trail 5:07 Local Producers 6:45 From Mahe to Praslin 7:03 Fond Ferdinand & Coco De Mer 8:06 Anse Lazio 8:37 Aride Island 9:53 Curieuse & St Pierre Island 10:16 Praslin to La Digue 10:28 Beach Hopping Hike 11:28 Anse Source d'Argent Soundtracks: Gyvus - Venice Lukrembo - Chocolate Genius Wiz - Time Gem DJ Quads - www is a thing Gyvus - Tôzen

Top 5 Bar In Seychelles | Advotis4u


Top 5 Best Bar To Relax In Seychelles | Advotis4u About This Video :- In This Video Top 5 Best Bars To Relax In Seychelles. Seychelles is not particularly well known for its nightlife, but there are some great places to chill out, grab a drink and relax. The majority of bars here are linked to hotels, but you don’t usually have to be a guest to enjoy them. Many hotels are happy to allow outside guests, although it’s always best to call ahead to check, particularly during peak times. Visiting these bars you’ll find yourself witnessing stunning sunsets, enjoying the white sand between your toes and mixing with the locals. All with a fabulous cocktail in hand. #Advotis4u #Bar #Seychelles SUBSCRIBE For Free:- ►Subscribe - 🤍 LIKE | SHARE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE "If You Like The Video, Don't Forget To Share And Leave Your Comments" FOR LATEST UPDATES :- Enjoy & Stay Connected With Us! ☯ Free Subscribe Advotis4u - 🤍 ☯ Like us on Facebook - 🤍 ☯ Follow us on Instagram - ☯ Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 ❖ Bussises Enquiry Mail :- businessenquiry13🤍 And Make Sure You Subscribe To My Channel! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Other Videos Recommended For You :- WATCH 🎥 :- Best Honeymoon Hotel In Cancun - 🤍 WATCH 🎥 :- Hotels With Jacuzzis In London - 🤍 WATCH 🎥 :- Romantic Hotel's With Jacuzzi In Room In Denver - 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Summary :- The Boardwalk Bar and Grill :- The Boardwalk Bar & Grill is situated at the Eden Island Marina, and has stunning views looking out onto the super-yachts of the rich and the famous – or perhaps even your own Raffles Pool Restaurant And Bar :- The Danzil Bar at Raffles on Praslin is the ultimate in refined relaxation. With an elevated view looking out over the Indian Ocean, you’ll be sure to be able to enjoy a pleasant breeze too, which is always welcome in the tropical heat. Sound Garden Mahe :- Sound Garden is one of the few standalone bars in the Seychelles, and it’s really popular with locals and tourists alike. It has a great reputation for its grilled fish so be sure to check that out for lunch on Mahe. Drinks and food are reasonably priced. You can find Sound Garden Bar and Grill at Baie Lazare, in the South West of Mahe. For More Information, Please Watch The Video Until The Very End. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Queries Solved :- Top 5 Best Bar To Relax In Seychelles, Sound Garden Mahe, Chill Out Tapas Bar Praslin, Raffles Pool Restaurant And Bar, The Boardwalk Bar and Grill, Gecko Bar at Savoy Hotel Mahe, Top 5 Bar In Seychelles, Things to do in Seychelles, Nightlife in Seychelles Mahe, Seychelles nightlife reviews, Seychelles red light area, Seychelles nightlife, Best Luxury Night Clubs In Seychelles, Night clubs in Seychelles, Seychelles Island Bar, Things To Do In Mahé at night, Oxygen Nightclub Praslin, Katiolo Seychelles, Wine, Pub, Bar Counter Beer Bottle, Liquor, Lifestyle Wine Bottle, Beer, Alcohol, Drink, DISCLAIMER :- Links Included In This Description Might Be Affiliate Links. If You Purchase a Product Or Service With The Links That I Provide I May Receive a Small Commission. There Is No Additional Charge To You! Thank You For Supporting Me So I Can Continue To Provide You With Free Content Each Week! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #Advotis4u #Bar #Seychelles #Pub #Wine #Lifestyle #Liquor #Beer #Hotel #Resort ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Seychelles - Paradise under threat | DW Documentary


Dream vacation or destination wedding - where better than Seychelles? The archipelago is especially popular with German tourists. But despite the island nation’s unique approach to nature conservation, this paradise is in danger. This documentary showcases the archipelago in all its beauty, with rare animal species, white sand beaches... and the conservationists who are working hard to protect it all. Although Seychelles has just 0.13 percent of the land area of Germany, its new protected marine area is larger than the whole country. But climate change has severely impacted the archipelago, as it is often the smallest islands that are first to feel the consequences. Storms and waves damage turtle nests and corals, while further eroding the islands’ coastlines. The country’s president Wavel Ramkalawan is also concerned. An ordained minister in the Anglican Church, Ramkalawan still preaches to this day. He tells us of the message he draws from the Bible in his fight to save the islands. We also learn about the various initiatives to rescue this tropical paradise. Coral nurseries help to revive damaged reefs. And seagrass plays a major role in combatting rising CO2 levels, as it stores more carbon than a forest of the same area. Seychelles and Mauritius share an expanse of seagrass larger than Switzerland. The president is calling on the international community to help cover the costs of all this, because revenue from tourism isn’t enough. And many tourists care too little about it. At their wedding photoshoot, a couple from Austria explains how beautiful and easy it is to get married in paradise. But for how much longer will this paradise exist? #documentary #dwdocumentary #Seychelles DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to: ⮞ DW Documentary (English): 🤍 ⮞ DW Documental (Spanish): 🤍 ⮞ DW Documentary وثائقية دي دبليو (Arabic): 🤍 ⮞ DW Doku (German): 🤍 ⮞ DW Documentary हिन्दी (Hindi): 🤍 For more visit: 🤍 Follow DW Documentary on Instagram: 🤍 Follow DW Documental on Facebook: 🤍 We kindly ask viewers to read and stick to the DW netiquette policy on our channel: 🤍

Seychelles. Why You Must Watch This Video Before Visiting Seychelles. The Story Of Seychelles.


Seychelles Country in East Africa The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. It's home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises. Mahé, a hub for visiting the other islands, is home to capital Victoria. It also has the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and beaches, including Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka. Capital: Victoria Dialing code: +248 Currency: Seychellois rupee Population: 96,762 (2018) World Bank Continent: AfricaThe Seychelles are one of Africa’s island paradises, consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean in East Africa. The island nation is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world, having attracted the popular American couple, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and singer Ciara, on a romantic getaway where Wilson proposed to Ciara. The island’s capital city is Victoria, which is located on the largest island of the archipelago, Mahé. Victoria is home to over 80% of the population (total population of the Seychelles is just over 90,000 people). The second largest island is Praslin, and is home to over 7,000. La Digue is the third largest island, home to over 2,000 people. The Seychellois population is made up of an eclectic mix of the descendants of freed African slaves, as well as Arab, Indian and Chinese traders, and British and French settlers and seafarers, consisting of diverse cultures and religion. The main languages spoken include English, French, and Creole. The island nation enjoys warm weather all year round, with temperatures averaging between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit depends on your desired activities. If you want to enjoy sailing or other wind-based activities, visiting the island is ideal between May and September. If you are an avid scuba diver or snorkeler, visiting between April and October is ideal, as that is when visibility is at its best. Arrival You will arrive at the Seychelles International Airport, which is located 7 miles (11 kilometres) from Victoria on the island of Mahe. Bus services and taxis are available to carry passengers to any point on the island. Airport facilities include a tourism kiosk, duty-free shopping, banking and currency exchange facilities, ATMs, restaurants and bars, and an executive lounge. Accommodations There’s a wide range of accommodations to choose from, including large hotels, guesthouses, island resorts, and budget holiday accommodations. Large hotels include the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles in Mahé and the Raffles Praslin Seychelles in Praslin. Great guesthouses include Bernique Guesthouse in La Digue and Beau Vallon in Mahé. Prices are available upon request.

Monthly expense of living in Victoria (Seychelles) || Expense Tv


Visit My Online Clothing Store: 🤍 Use code " EXP20 " to get 20% off on all the products! Happy Shopping😉 Social Media- ●INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ●FACEBOOK: 🤍 ●SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Credit: [Information] Credits: [Images] Email:🤍 If you’re reading this then comment down below #ExpenseTv and which country’s expense you want to see. Thank you!

Seychelles vs Maldives - Which is better? Side by side comparison | Best honeymoon destination


A side by side comparison between 2 of the most popular exotic destinations on the Planet: Maldives and Seychelles. Both of these destinations are at the Indian Ocean, but they offer different experience. The comparison includes white sand beaches, turquoise water, jungle, fauna, fruits, accommodations. They are an excellent choice for honeymooners but also for a great couple retreat. But honestly, any of them is a good choice, given the fact that they are on the same budget level.

Seychelles Market Update - July 2022


The Seychelles condo market is hotter than most other buildings in Panama City Beach. While the overall market is cooling, Seychelles sales remain strong. In this video, I take a look at both markets to see where prices might be heading. - Looking for more information info on real estate in PCB or on 30A? Craig Duran - Realtor the Duran Group at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 850-527-0221 craig🤍 ➡️ 🤍 Follow us on Facebook! ➡️ 🤍 Sign Up For FREE E-Alerts (get notified when units come up for sale, change price or CLOSE): ➡️ 🤍 #seychelles #realtor #realestateagent #durangroup #berkshirehathaway #panamacitybeach #pcb #panamacitybeachrealtor #livepcb #pcbflorida #pcbrealestate #pcbcondos #panamacitybeach #durangroup #pcbrealtor #pcbrealestateagent



Planning a trip to the Maldives, or a Trip to Seychelles? We just returned from both island nations and got a ton of questions about which one was our favorite. In this video, we will be comparing the Seychelles and Maldives to decide which is better for your upcoming vacation. Disclaimer: We are not experts on either destination and this is just our opinion based on our experiences on our trips. Check out our Maldives Vlogs here: 🤍 Be sure to check out our Seychelles Vlogs here: 🤍 Praslin Island Highlights Tour 🤍 ★ Apply for Hilton Credit Card for Instant Gold Status (Free Breakfast!) ★ They have an insane points bonus for applying right now!! 🤍 ★ FOLLOW KELLY ON INSTAGRAM ★ 🤍 ★ FOLLOW KEVIN ON INSTAGRAM★ 🤍 ★ Get a FREE Lightroom Preset! ★ 🤍​​​​​ ★ CLICK HERE FOR A $40 AIRBNB DISCOUNT! ★ We can't recommend Airbnb enough! 🤍 This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. - ALL Our Gear: BEST Instagram WIDE angle lens: 🤍 Our tiny inexpensive VLOG camera 🤍 Camera we use for Instagram AND vlogging: 🤍 Zoom lens to COMPRESS a photo background: 🤍 BEST budget lens EVERYONE should have: 🤍 56" tall TRIPOD: 🤍 #seychelles #seychellesprices #budgettravel GoPro fo sho: 🤍 SUPER FAST SD Memory card: 🤍 Gorilla pod tripod for QUICK use: 🤍 The BEST camera bag EVER: 🤍 A drone ANYONE can learn to fly: 🤍 Vlogging mic so you sound AMAZING: 🤍 FURRY mic accessory that helps with WIND: 🤍 DRONE Polarized Filters: 🤍 #seychelles #maldives #travelvlog -Chapters- 0:00 Intro. 0:20 Location. 0:57Accommodation. 2:50 Culture. 4:16 Food. 5:58 Things to do. 8:00 Beaches. 10:36 Favorites. 12:32 Bloopers.

Cost of living in Victoria; Seychelles - Africa's Most Expensive City


In this video, we analyzed the cost of living in Victoria, Seychelles! Note should be taken that these are not fixed prices, they are subjected to slight changes over time and they are as well averages. Some of the main factors analyzed are: Cost of feeding in Victoria, Seychelles Cost of Housing in Victoria, Seychelles Cost of Transportation in Victoria, Seychelles Cost of Internet in Victoria, Seychelles #CostOfLivingInVictoriaSeychelles Thanks for watching POSITIVE AFRICA, We are #Africa and we are proud to be. All our videos are aimed at Educating, Informing, Reporting, Reviewing, Criticizing & Ranking everything #African. Our content includes: #africanews #africalist #Africanpopculture #Africaentertainment #Afrcicanmusic #Africanculture #Africainterviews #AfricaSpeeches #Africanpolitics & #Panafrican If you love what I do and would want me to do better, you can support me here: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 Email us 🤍mathderson2345🤍 for News Tips, content submission, ads partnership, collabos, sponsorship or content issues. We are Africa!!! #Algeria #Angola #Benin #Botswana #BurkinaFaso #Burundi #CapeVerde #Cameroon #CentralAfricanRepublic #CAR #Chad #Comoros #DRCongo #Congo #IvoryCoast #Djibouti #Egypt #EquatorialGuinea #Eritrea #Eswatini #Swaziland #Ethiopia #Gabon #Gambia #Ghana #Guinea #GuineaBissau #Kenya #Lesotho #Liberia #Libya #Madagascar #Malawi #Mali #Mauritania #Mauritius #Morocco #Mozambique #Namibia #Niger #Nigeria #Rwanda #SaoTomePrincipe #Senegal #Seychelles #SierraLeone #Somalia #SouthAfrica #SouthSudan #Sudan #Tanzania #Togo #Tunisia #Uganda #Zambia #Zimbabwe #AfricaUnion #AU Translated titles: Costo de vida en Victoria; Seychelles, la ciudad más cara de África Lebenshaltungskosten in Victoria; Seychellen-Afrikas teuerste Stadt Coût de la vie à Victoria; Seychelles-la ville la plus chère d'Afrique Custo de vida em Victoria; Seychelles-a cidade mais cara da África تكلفة المعيشة في فيكتوريا ؛ سيشيل-أغلى مدينة في أفريقي 维多利亚的生活费用;塞舌尔-非洲最昂贵的城市 Kosten van levensonderhoud in Victoria; Seychellen-de duurste stad van Afrika ビクトリア州での生活費;セイシェル-アフリカで最も高価な都市 Стоимость проживания в Виктории; Сейшельские острова- Вартість життя у Вікторії; Сейшели-найдорожче місто Аф

How to get married in SEYCHELLES : Expenses, Budget Tips, Procedures | Jessa Millian


Since a lot of people has been asking on how we pulled off a beach wedding in Seychelles and curious how much it cost.. Here's a video to give you idea/s, tips and everything in between to help you out plan your dream destination wedding. Wedding Coordination by Marco Pross Grp. LTD : 🤍 You can WATCH our Destination Wedding video here: 🤍 SEYCHELLES TRAVEL: 🤍

Things To Do In SEYCHELLES, A Tropical Paradise In Africa | UNILAD Adventure


Here’s some of the best things you can do in the Seychelles. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations in the world with arguably the best beaches in the world, stunning natural beauty and a wealth of adventurous activities to try. This tropical paradise should be on everyone’s bucket list! Places in this video: Curieuse Island: La Digue: Praslin Island: Moyenne: Mahe: Check us out on: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

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